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Washington farmer has learned the value of help

Posted by Green Fun Store on 10/8/2010 to Farm Lifestyle
While many farmers rely on John Deere tractors and other implements to get their jobs done, having a good team to work with can also be a big help.

That's the lesson that 62-year-old Washington farmer Chep Gauntt, according to a recent report from the Capital Press. He told the publication he relies on all types of help in handling his land, two-thirds of which produces alfalfa and hay.

"With a large operation you have to watch costs to not let them get out of hand," Gauntt said. "You have to be careful with the business deals you get into."

For example, his wife, Kay, takes care of payroll and monitors purchases and other transactions. His son, Drex, is his right-hand man, and is in control of irrigation efforts at the farm.

Gauntt also has a number of employees on the farm. Having a good rapport with his equipment dealer is also key, especially when any equipment goes on the fritz.

Farm families have often relied on the next generations to help make sure work gets done. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has programs that assist these operations with loans and grant funds.