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John Deere named one of the best global brands

Posted by Green Fun Store on 10/11/2011 to Current News/Events of John Deere
John Deere has earned a spot on Interbrand's 2011 Global Brands list, The Quad City Business Journal reports. The list is determined by three aspects that measure the strength of the brand, the role the brand plays in purchasing decisions, financial performance, and the brand's likelihood to continue to secure earnings.

Ken Golden, the John Deere spokesman told the source, "We consider this to be an important indicator of John Deere’s progress in global growth since a company qualifies for this list when it reaches a certain percent of sales outside its home country."

Interbrand itself lists a number of reasons for its inclusion of John Deere, starting with the strengthening of the company's global presence with new factories all over the world. Interbrand also mentions John Deere's offering of expert advice on how customers can get the most out of their land, the company's commitment to sustainable practices and its reputation for integrity,quality and commitment.

John Deere also presents a highly recognizable, iconic logo, a strong social media presence and has seen its sales skyrocket in the past year. John Deere is a company that has managed its brand expertly while producing high quality, highly desirable products.These are got John Deere named on of the top 100 global brands.