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Renovations are being performed in Moline to maintain the John Deere heritage

Posted by Green Fun Store on 5/31/2011 to Farm Lifestyle
Ever since John Deere had moved from Vermont to Illinois to expand his business and improve farm life along the frontier, tractors and plows have become a mainstay in American society. In the mid 1800s, John Deere's son Charles built a rowhouse known as Washington Square in the town of Moline for the sake of his thriving company and its executives.

According to the Quad-City Times, the city of Moline is using federal stimulus funding to renovate this aged building and put it to use. Since 1944, Classic John Deere has moved out, and the ownership of the building has changed several times. There were several close calls, as the building was threatened by demolition on at least two separate occasions.

These new renovations will include new roofing, lead and asbestos abatement, as well as a new parking area and additional fire escapes. The new owners claim that most of the expenses are going toward more than 100 windows and 95 doors that need to be installed. The project is expected to be completed by the end of this year.