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John Deere Iowa factory celebrates its 100th anniversary

Posted by Green Fun Store on 6/6/2011 to History of John Deere
Classic John Deere is known for having some of the best farming equipment on the market today. One major reason for that is because of the tremendous strides the company has taken for farm life during its lifespan. The major farming equipment manufacturer has a vivid history, making it one of the most recognizable brand names in the industry and a cultural icon within the United States.

According to The Times Republican, John Deere Ottumwa Works is celebrating its 100th year of business, making it one of the oldest facilities in this Iowa town. The factory has been known to create numerous jobs throughout the area during its heyday, and its expansion continues today.

The factory was built by an England native in 1900, when it functioned as a manufacturing plant for hay farming equipment that was distributed by John Deere. The factory was purchased by John Deere in 1911, allowing the facility to foster some of the most state-of-the-art machinery farmers had seen at the time.