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John Deere antique clock keeps tabs on the company's dedication to farm life

Posted by Green Fun Store on 6/1/2011 to History of John Deere
Since the blacksmith named John Deere ventured from Vermont to Illinois to start his prosperous business, farm life has improved drastically. Now, the famous green logo has become its own tradition, cherished from generation to generation. Children and grown men alike choose to display their pride in that tradition by owning commemorative John Deere accessories.

The Bradford Exchange has just announced the release of the "Classic Times" John Deere clock, a limited-edition home decor that pays homage to the multi-generational success of the manufacturer and the history of its quality farm equipment. This clock, which is almost two feet tall, features a quartz movement that provides amazing accuracy and a swinging brass-toned pendulum between two picturesque golden corncobs. Rural American artist Dave Barnhouse's portrait of someone using a John Deere tractor is imprinted across the front of the handcrafted wood-cased cuckoo clock.

The Bradford Exchange provides quality service and delivery for this clock. Additionally, other commemorative John Deere accessories and decorative items are available through the company's website.