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A tractor museum in North Dakota features unique John Deere tractors

Posted by Green Fun Store on 6/2/2011 to Current News/Events of John Deere
The tradition of farm life has become a big part of rural communities around the country. Classic John Deere's green logo is an icon that farmers are proud of. When it comes to antique farming equipment, the major manufacturer is perhaps the most prominent. Since the late 1800s and early 20th Century, John Deere has been the most respectable brand name in the realm of farm machinery.

According to The Republic, a new museum featuring antique John Deere tractors and memorabilia is opening this weekend in Fairmont, North Dakota. This facility, known as Charlie's Green Acres Museum will contain eight restored two-cylinder models that are more than 50 years old. The owner of the museum, Charlie Hardie, has personally operated the tractors on his farm. Although the machines have been in storage for more than 20 years, they look as good as new now that they've been restored.

Hardie hopes to attract tourists and tractor enthusiasts alike, as well as children who wish to learn more about John Deere history. To many farmers, learning about the past is the best way to come up with creative solutions during the present.