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John Deere encourages children to carry on the tradition of farm life

Posted by Green Fun Store on 6/3/2011 to Farm Lifestyle
For many farmers, there's nothing more exciting than the roar of a Classic John Deere engine as they twist the key. Naturally, this exhilaration is even more exaggerated in the point of view of a small child. Young ones are easily captivated by the power and enormity of the machinery that John Deere offers, especially when they witness the advancements that these tractors create for farm life in general.

In Piqua, Kentucky, the child of dairy farmers Missy and Kevin Dotson found himself imagining the start of the production season as he touched the massive wheels of the family's John Deere 4230 model tractor, according to The Ledger Independent. Because dairy farmers have to milk twice daily, regardless of the weather, this lifestyle can be quite demanding.

No matter how tough it might be for some dairy farmers, the legendary icon of John Deere is likely to encourage children, like the Dotson family's son, to continue the tradition. The farming equipment manufacturer has flourished for generations, provoking many children to grow up and become the salt of rural life in America.