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Ag Department, 4-H encourage young people to pursue science

Posted by Green Fun Store on 10/7/2010 to Farm Lifestyle
Hundreds of thousands of students across the nation took part in the 2010 National Science Experiment, an event that was organized by 4-H and supported by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

This year's experiment was constructed by North Carolina A&T University. The goal is to show young people how aquatic life can be affected by carbon dioxide.

The experiment is part of the 4-H's One Million New Scientists, One Million New Ideas program, which has the goal of encouraging students to pursue careers in technology and science.

Ag Deputy Secretary Kathleen Merrigan said the event shows how important it is to invest in programs that encourage young people to engage in scientific and technical careers.

"Science and research are the underpinning of all our work at USDA, from providing nutritious food to our children, to supporting the incredible productivity of our farmers and helping use our natural resources to create jobs and combat climate change," Merrigan said.

Young people who follow through on technical careers have a number of options available to them. Along with working for government agencies like the USDA, they may also find employment at a company like John Deere.