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John Deere plays its part in Perryville's Old Timers' Day event

Posted by Green Fun Store on 5/31/2011 to Current News/Events of John Deere
Let's face it, without the hard work of the World War II generation, we wouldn't have many of the luxuries that we enjoy today. Classic John Deere is one major farming equipment manufacturer that has become entrenched in the culture of farm life, giving the older folks who live in rural areas an icon that they can cherish and commemorate - especially since the company is thriving now more than ever.

In Perryville, Missouri, John Deere tractors were featured during the 35th annual River Hill Antique Tractor Club's Old Timers' Day, according to the Southeast Missourian. Although many local farmers are disappointed in the recent weather, this ensured a healthy attendance rate for the event. The activities in Old Timers' Day include wheat threshing, corn grinding, hay baling wood sawing and blacksmithing. Tractor games were also played, accompanied by a parade and poker run.

Many of the old timers had a lot to say about the shifting trend of farming. "It used to take you a week to get a couple fields ready," Group Treasurer John Muench told the news source. "Now they [farmers] do it with a big tractor in about an hour."