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Soybeans harvested in Illinois to help international assistance program

Posted by Green Fun Store on 10/11/2010 to Farm Lifestyle
A soybean field was harvested in Illinois in order to help the efforts of the Food Resource Bank, which provides international assistance for farming.

According to the Ogle County News, 40 acres of the crop were harvested and will be sold. The proceeds from the transaction will be donated to the FRB. John Deere is also offering grants to help offset the group's trips to foreign locals, where local farmers are assisted in their growing operations.

The locally based Sustainable Food Project was responsible for the harvest. The group includes a number of churches across the state.

"This could not happen without the support from each church," Jay Wittmeyer, an executive director with the Polo Church of the Brethren, told the news organization.

The FRB's website says a number of assistance trips are being planned for the coming months. One will visit the Middle East from October 27 to November 6, while another in January will make a trek to South America. A third mission will visit Africa in February or March.