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Tractor parts that are blessed by nature

Posted by Green Fun Store on 4/20/2011 to Farm Lifestyle

With our nation's leaders pushing for renewable energy, companies like John Deere are beginning to think of more productive ways to save the environment. When tractors are disposed of, there are many components - such as the leather seats - that aren't degradable. Now, tractor seats are becoming a full-fledged paradox, as farmers wind up sitting on the very same crops that they produce, such as corn and soybeans.

Certain models of the 12-volt tractor, as well as many other types, will have seats that are made completely from bio-based material. In the coming years, various components of tractors - including styling panels, tractor hoods and backhoe hoods - will be made from biodegradable elements.

Just north of Fort Wayne, Indiana, a plant in the town of Ashley is responsible for converting farm products into eco-friendly tractor parts. "We work with Ashley Industrial Molding," John Deere's Jay Olsen told Hoosier AG Today. "They were among the first in the world to use crop products to make many of these industrial parts."

This is becoming a growing trend, as cars and other industrial products will eventually use farm-based materials.