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John Deere boosts the profit margin for wheat farmers

Posted by Green Fun Store on 4/20/2011 to Farm Lifestyle

One cause of the recent economic downturn was our nation's reliance on foreign exports, which hindered the productive capacity of our domestic manufacturers. The farming industry was hit particularly hard by this dilemma. However, Barack Obama and other political leaders have made it their goal to double the amount of exports in the coming years. Wheat farmers are now generating record-breaking income throughout the country, which means that equipment suppliers like John Deere are experiencing an increase in profit margins.

According to Bloomberg News, the largest wheat-growing states - such as North Dakota - are witnessing the lowest unemployment rates in decades. By the end of this year, the United States as a whole will control 28 percent of the world's wheat supply, which is a 10 percent boost from last year. Impoverished countries of Africa and the Middle East depend on wheat imports, which provides the United States with an opportunity to expand their exports.

As a result of these improvements, Classic John Deere will report a 42 percent rise in profit this year. Thanks to the sophisticated machinery of the major tractor manufacturer, farm life will be much easier, especially now that one of the most highly demanded crops is on the rise.