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Team preps for Pennsylvania farm life show

Posted by Green Fun Store on 12/29/2010 to Current News/Events of John Deere
Excited teenagers recently gathered in Turbotville, Pennsylvania, tie-dying t-shirts and socks as they prepare for the state's Farm Show, slated to take place from January 8 through January 15.

The group of friends, members of the Warrior Run Weavers team, told the Milton Standard Journal that they are getting ready for the youth portion of the fleece to shawl competition on January 12 at the farm life show. Abby Heggenstaller, a member of the team, affirms: "Our theme this year is wild flowers. That's the theme of our shawl. We decided to make tie-dyed shirts with blossoms."

Heggenstaller told the paper that last year, the team's theme was used tractors so each team member wore a shirt emblazoned with a John Deere tractor. To prepare for this year's competition, the team is currently studying up on farm life and practicing "spinning and weaving to make sure we're ready for the farm show," Heggenstaller says.

The team has been working for months on the shawl: One member, Emily Smith, asserts that she began work on the shawl's design this past summer with the team's coaches, Wayne and Frances Appleman. At the farm life show in January, each team will have three hours to create a shawl using various patterns. Until then, the team plans to keep practicing their craft.