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Fiesta Bowl parade gets a taste of farm life with tractors

Posted by Green Fun Store on 12/30/2010 to Current News/Events of John Deere
It's that time of year again: With the end of the year comes the college football BCS bowl games, the annual winter tradition where the best college football teams in the country compete against each other. The Fiesta Bowl - one such game - will kick off this year's celebrations with a parade that features John Deere tractors.

Glendale, Arizona plays host to the Fiesta Bowl game and this year, the parade that precedes the game will feature a bit of farm life with a procession of 15 tractors. The tractor operators will pull floats down the streets of the city, led by local resident Ken Johnson, who plans on driving his antique 1935 tractor.

Debbie Geiger, one of the people who will drive her tractor in the parade, is a member of the Arizona Early Day Gas Engine and Trader Association, an organization that has teamed up with the bowl game's organizers to ensure that enough tractors are present at the parade to participate.

Geiger grew up in steeped in farm life in Michigan and now her husband and two sons are involved in the tractor organization, she says. Geiger will make sure that "people have a good time" during the parade's two mile route through central Phoenix. Ultimately, she says she is excited to participate in the event.