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John Deere executive gives talk on South American farm life, new 2011 model tractors

Posted by Green Fun Store on 12/29/2010 to Current News/Events of John Deere
The vice president of marketing and sales for Latin America at John Deere, Aaron Wetzel, recently visited Kleine Equipment Inc. at its Galesburg, Illinois facility. There, he spoke to an audience about agriculture in South America.

A native of east-central Illinois, Wetzel spoke to the group of about 100 Kleine Equipment customers and employees about the various aspects of the agricultural industry in South America and how it compares to farm life in the U.S. Midwest. Addressing the audience, Wetzel affirmed: "The infrastructure in South America is almost nonexistent compared to that of Illinois."

Wetzel then elaborated on his description of South America's agricultural industry, noting that there are few storage facilities there and that farmers routinely travel hundreds of miles in order to have a place to market their crops. Wetzel has occupied his current position at John Deere since 2009 and has endeavored to become an expert on farm life in South America.

After he finished his talk, Wetzel then introduced new John Deere products that will be available in 2011. Wetzel asserted that the farm equipment, including an 8R Row Crop Tractor and the GreenStar 3 2630 Display, will bring technological innovations to its lineup of products and that the 8R Tractor will be the "most intelligent tractor" on the market.