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John Deere and Hemisphere sign compatibility deal for Aftermarket eDriveX

Posted by Green Fun Store on 3/14/2011 to Current News/Events of John Deere
John Deere and GPS company Hemisphere announced an agreement on Thursday that would enable the company's navigation units to appear on Deere's new AutoTrac-ready tractors, reports

While Hemisphere's Outback Guidance systems are already compatible with other John Deere machinery, the new agreement allows the company the ability to include its eDriveX system onto the new tractors.

"Our success at developing precision farming solutions for all types and brands of farm machinery means nearly all farmers can benefit from the productivity gains of our Outback Guidance products," Kip Pendleton, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Agriculture at Hemisphere GPS, told the news source.

The new system automatically steers the Deere tractors up to a centimeter's length in accuracy and thus allows farmers to plant seeds and lay chemicals with relative ease. For farmers, the biggest benefits include minimizing costs, increasing productivity and reducing strain on the drivers.

If John Deere wasn't making farm life easy enough, this new agreement with Hemisphere is sure to make it even simpler.