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John Deere adds wind turbines to its agenda

Posted by Green Fun Store on 4/25/2011 to Current News/Events of John Deere
With the flexibility of its overall business strategy, John Deere is perfectly suited for advancements in wind energy because of its high number of facilities. A Montana dealership, known as Moodie Implement, is now equipping itself with wind turbines in order to meet local demand for renewable energy resources.

There is a lot of outside help for Moodie and their new venture, as energy companies are combining efforts to mutually benefit one another. According to the Great Falls Tribune, Think One Energy Services erected the first turbine at the actual Moodie establishment, and the energy company has agreed to install any turbine the John Deere dealership sells. Also, NorthWestern Energy, which is the state's largest utility, has awarded Moodie a $20,000 grant for the sales strategy.

With John Deere selling these devices on a moderate scale, the wind turbines can be implemented by cities, schools, hospitals, farms and even average families at a relatively affordable cost.

Farm life will now be easier and more energy efficient with the development of projects like these. "It's another tool to help farmers offset costs," Moodie employee Jed Fulbright told the news source.