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John Deere Quick-dial alliance makes excavation safer for workers

Posted by Green Fun Store on 4/14/2011 to Current News/Events of John Deere
According to BNP Media, John Deere Construction & Forestry was recently award the Common Ground Alliance's (CGA) Corporate Award of Excellence for creating public awareness of the 811 "call-before-you-dig" safety program.

In 2007, the CGA created the number in order to introduce safety measures for construction crews, contractors and other professions that deals with ground excavation, such as anthropologists and archaeologists. As construction companies commonly use Classic John Deere machinery to dig, there are always potential safety hazards below the surface. These dangers include gas lines, sewage piping or electric cables.

Having a single number to call reduces the level of confusion for excavators, especially since before 2007 there were so many different services to call for the same purpose.

"It's very important to promote awareness of the 811 number," Candace Schnoor, Deere Construction & Forestry's Director of Public Affairs, told the news source. "This is especially appropriate given that April is 'National Safe Digging Month.' Knowing the location of buried utilities and digging saves lives, and we're proud to partner with the CGA in their quest for smart, safe digging."

Not only does this quick-dial number decrease the number of fatalities for excavators, but it also simplifies precautionary measures that pertain to farm life and urban development. Rather than having to pinpoint a property blueprint from utilities companies or former owners, workers can now call 811.