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How to make a lawn eco-friendly

Posted by Green Fun Store on 4/13/2011 to Yard & Garden
Many people probably wonder how a yard could possibly be enhanced for environmental purposes, especially since grass is already a natural component. Although it's not necessarily harmful to the environment, short-cut grass doesn't provide the proper nutrients to creatures that are beneficial for the surrounding ecosystem. By raising the height of their lawn mowers, homeowners can turn their yards into suitable pit-stops for butterflies and garden birds.

Tiny uncut wildflowers, which would normally be destroyed by a low mower, provide pollen that these creatures depend on. By restricting that supply, homeowners are making things increasingly difficult for wildlife. Especially now that native pastures have been depleted by the development of property, it's essential to make people aware of changes that can be made to benefit the environment as a whole.

"We want to encourage greater bio-diversity among lawn owners," John Deere's David Hart told the Evening Telegraph. "Our changing weather patterns now urgently demand that we revise the way we mow."

Thanks to Classic John Deere mowers, which provide multi-optional height adjustments, lawn care is simpler to customize. In fact, the company - under the guidance of John Deere's National Gardens Park - is a strong contributor to the cause of eco-friendly lawn care.