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A vibrant history of John Deere toys

Posted by Green Fun Store on 4/12/2011 to History of John Deere
As the blacksmith named John Deere changed the face of the agriculture industry with his world-class machinery, it was inevitable that his company's logo would become such a recognizable brand name. His legacy has grown exponentially over the years, making John Deere the most trusted name in farming. Since the start, merchandising has been a significant aspect the business.

Although there is no official evidence, rumor has it that John Deere toys (made with tin) were sold by small venues during the 1920's, merely a few years after the first full-sized tractor was manufactured.

During the World War II era, accounts of the toys had died out because of the rations on items like tin and aluminum. Immediately after the war, demand for toys increased along with the Baby Boom. In 1946, a man named Fred Ertl made his first tractor replica from aluminum. Years later, his second attempt turned out even more authentic with miniature tires that were actually made of rubber. Eventually, Fred and his son struck a deal with John Deere in order to manufacture their family's product on a larger scale.

Since then, John Deere accessories and replicas have become as reputable as the products they imitate - appealing to children and adults around the globe.