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Cox recognized for contributions to farm life

Posted by Green Fun Store on 10/27/2010 to Farm Lifestyle
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon recent gave farmer Jerry Cox an achievement award recognizing his efforts in farm life.

Last year, the National Corn Growers' Yield Contest saw Cox place in two categories. He took second for the ridge till non-irrigated portion of the competition, while taking third in irrigated section.

In the former, he averaged 296.5 bushels an acre, while the latter saw a mark of 309.9. The national average is roughly 155 bushels.

Nixon said farmers in the state help provide food, fuel and clothing for the entire world while also producing jobs and helping local businesses.

"When it comes to corn, Jerry Cox and others in southeast Missouri are taking the science to a whole new level, and their work is breaking new ground that will keep Missouri agriculture moving forward," Nixon said.

Farm life could be sweet for crop growers this year, as the U.S. Department of Agriculture said it could be a record production season. The Federal Reserve System recently released a report showing that production conditions were favorable in many of its districts.