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Afghani exchange student disappears, last seen wearing John Deere hat

Posted by Green Fun Store on 10/26/2010 to Farm Lifestyle
Officials in Indiana are looking for a 15-year-old Afghani exchanges student who went missing recently.

Mohammed Karim Azizi was last seen at night on October 21 in Indianapolis. He was wearing a John Deere cap, a dark leather coat and blue jeans when he disappeared.

Official say they believe the disappearance might have been planned by Azizi, whom they say was homesick.

"He's only been in the United States for two months so I can imagine he's missing his family back home so whether that played a part of it hopefully we'll find that out. Our main concern right now is his safety," Lieutenant Jeff Duhamell, of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, told news station WTHR.

Although not a member of the organization, he was in Indianapolis to attend the national FFA convention, which brings students together to recognize their contributions to farm life. Thousands attend the event every year.
Aziz was staying with a host family from Ohio, who has arrived in the Hoosier State recently because of his disappearance.