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A tour to the focal point of John Deere

Posted by Green Fun Store on 4/18/2011 to Current News/Events of John Deere

Earlier this year, the Stephenson County Farm Bureau in Illinois sponsored a bus tour to the John Deere tractor manufacturing plant in Iowa, serving refreshments to a bus full of tourists and farm enthusiasts.

Not only did this trip provide farmers with an outlet for their passions, allowing them to feast their eyes on all the machinery on the assembly line, but it also taught them some useful facts about the history of John Deere products. For example, an exquisite 1917 Waterloo Boy tractor, the first official model produced by the company, was on display for the tour. There was an abundance of other historic models, including the two-millionth row-crop 4440 model that was built in February of 1980.

Tourists also learned the history of the logo, which has actually been changed six times throughout the lifeline of John Deere. Practically everything the company produces - from marine transport to massive agricultural plows - contains the trademark color of green, and the tour highlighted the importance of the marketing strategy.

Although there are six different plants in Waterloo, Iowa that perform a wide variety of functions, this particular facility is an essential landmark of the major manufacturer.