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A new plan is expected to boost John Deere's cash flow

Posted by Green Fun Store on 4/29/2011 to Farm Lifestyle
Classic John Deere is launching a massive promotional campaign across the globe, bringing its name and logo to countries who are otherwise unfamiliar with such equipment. Even in countries that are experiencing an increase in the cost of crop production, the lawn care and farm equipment giant is coming up with innovative ways to increase its market value and give its customers more options. John Deere has recently announced a new payment plan in the UK and Ireland that will allow consumers to pre-order their equipment.

According to Machine Finder, tractors can be financed with absolutely no interest with merely two annual payments. "In recognition of these national economic trends," a John Deere division manager, David Hart, told the news source. "We are pleased to be able to offer these attractive finance programs to help our customers with their machinery planning and budgeting."

This new strategy will be extremely beneficial to farmers who prefer a smaller payment plan instead of one large sum. A separate website will even allow growers to track their statements and keep a record of their balance.