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An avid John Deere enthusiast comes up with an innovative enhancement

Posted by Green Fun Store on 4/28/2011 to Yard & Garden
Many homeowners have the problem of possibly running over an object in the yard with the lawn mower, especially if they have children, which can pose a serious risk to the cutting blades. Bob Hoeveler, an 80 year old Pennsylvania resident, conceived a reliable solution to this problem.

According to, the retired grandfather can't imagine letting someone else mow his lawn. "No man that has a tractor will ever give it up," Hoeveler told the news source.

Because it was such a hassle for him to get off of his mower every time an object lay in its path, Bob invented a device known as the Tractor Holster. At first, he used a simple hand-held grabbing tool to catch the debris, but it was inevitable for him to drop the holster at some point and accidentally run over it. He then figured out a way to mount the holster on the engine's hood with special adhesive tape.

Available in the Classic John Deere color of green, this tool will most likely be marketed on a wide scale in hardware stores and gardening centers. For now, it's sold on Hoeveler's website for $24.99 a pop.