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Vermont family celebrates with John Deere hats

Posted by Green Fun Store on 10/28/2010 to Farm Lifestyle
John Deere hats play a prominent role in one tradition held by a Vermont family, according to a report from the Burlington Free Press.

Every year, Roger Gonyeau's family joins him for a multigenerational portrait. Along with a smile, each person in the picture sports a different John Deere hat to mark the patriarch's hobby of restoring old tractors and collecting the green-and-gold caps.

"Tinkering with tractors and farming is something I have always loved to do," Gonyeau, 75, told the Vermont newspaper. "It's the darndest thing to have fun at, but we do."

Gonyeau has restored four machines to their original condition. He also owns 16 tractors and nine models, while sporting 40 John Deere hats.

However, one project still remains for Gonyeau. The John Deere Model D he used to drive on a neighbors farm recently became a part of his collection, although he still hasn't gotten to restoring the antique machine.

Gonyeau isn't alone in repairing older John Deere tractors. Many enthusiasts take part in the hobby and then show the fruits of their labor at local shows and fairs.