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Technical program offers John Deere training

Posted by Green Fun Store on 11/4/2010 to Farm Lifestyle
John Deere hats aren't the only tie that a number of students on the campus of Pittsburg State University.

According to the independent student Collegio newspaper, a number of young people at the school are enrolled in a John Deere technical program. While the educational curriculum is run by Fort Scott Community College, those enrolled stay at PSU.

By being in the program, students get an education in a number of technical areas, along with taking John Deere-specific classes. Keeley Fields, who is enrolled in the John Deere courses, told the paper completing them leads to a guaranteed job.

"You can work for a dealer, go through parts, sales, service, etc.," Fields said to Collegio. "If you decide to take it into your own hands, like I'm planning to do, you can farm or specialize in a lot of different things like balers, combines, tractors."

While the students in the program may be getting into farm life through classes, older generations are keeping their agricultural connections intact by restoring classic John Deere tractors.