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Social media boosts the enthusiasm of farming

Posted by Green Fun Store on 4/8/2011 to Farm Lifestyle
The stereotype that farmers aren't in touch with technology is now being proven otherwise. With a new age of web technology and social media like Facebook and Twitter, farm life has been experiencing a widening gap of interaction from one farmer to another. Known as the AgChat Foundation, this web outlet is a volunteer organization designed for anyone interested in keeping tabs on relevant topics, ranging from the economy of locally grown produce to diecast tractors.

Even those who live in urban areas are joining the bandwagon in order to remain up to speed on the food market, creating a more cohesive environment among groups that were previously disconnected from each other.

Some popular topics on these social sites include compilations of stories from farm wives that are focused on dismissing common myths, organic planting techniques, examples of students who are pursuing a career in rural life, the cattlemen and women who want to make a difference, as well as advice on tending crops and land.

Companies like John Deere are strongly promoted through these social media outlets, leaving room for economic growth. Eventually, sites like these can make Americans more dependent on locally grown foods - which would only serve to strengthen the country's foundation, especially since farming the open frontier was one factor that encouraged the Pilgrims to arrive in the first place.