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Create your own tractor

Posted by Green Fun Store on 4/7/2011 to Current News/Events of John Deere
There's no longer a need for farmers and homeowners to make their way to a tractor supply shop or the John Deere store for lawn care equipment. They can now create their own customized designs of tractors and Johne Deere machinery online. The company is taking extra strides to make their market more interactive for customers.

The recently launched Gator XUV Configurator is great for any trailblazer who's looking for specific equipment that can't be mimicked elsewhere. Anything can be designed - from a high velocity battery power tractor to a multi-terrain mower that looks more like a golf cart. Any special component can be added with the click of a mouse, such as high-traction tires or camouflage exteriors.

There is also a newly developed iPad app known as Mower Match, which is available for downloading on the iTunes App store, that provides customers with an interactive brochure covering a wide range of information.

Farm life can be simplified with programs like Drive Green, which is hosted by dealerships across the United States - especially in the southern and mid-western states. These events offer test drives for tractor enthusiasts and new users, allowing them to learn the basics of modified John Deere machinery.

A broader base of customer interaction is destined to keep John Deere at the top of the industry, especially as the world's most successful lawn care chain expands its online operations.