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Farm life front and center in holiday cards drawn by local kids

Posted by Green Fun Store on 11/23/2010 to Current News/Events of John Deere
Christmas cards are usually a little more boring than the ones children in the rural farm town of Wimauma, Florida drew recently for a charity event. Although the cards depict a variety of scenes, almost all of them allude to farm life, something many of the children know plenty about.

Christmas trees adorned with John Deere tractors and wreaths with vegetables and fruits strewn about - these are some of the images local school children drew on holiday cards as part of a holiday fundraising effort in the town. All of these blossoming DaVincis attend either charter schools or after-school programs funded by state and federal grants and the art activity served as a creative outlet for the kids.

Barbara Mainster, executive director of the program that oversees the schools and after school programs, said the children "plunged into" the project, noting that the students, mostly from rural families, frequently managed to incorporate farm life into their sketches, whether it be a tomato wearing a stocking or oranges stuffing one. Mainster affirms that for the kids, "farm life is their chief experience," and this activity illustrates that.

Sales from the cards will benefit their educational programs. According to Mainster, this is the 13th year for the drive and also serves as the first year that birthday and thank-you cards are available for purchase.