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Children get to experience farm life for a day

Posted by Green Fun Store on 11/22/2010 to Current News/Events of John Deere
This past weekend at the Walter C. Todd Agricultural Research Center outside of Nacogdoches, Texas, children of all ages got an in depth look at what farm life means for many people across the country at the college’s farm day.

The event’s organizers describe the day as a way for the kids to get a feel for farm life, have some fun and spend time with their families. Erin Brown, an assistant professor of agriculture at Stephen F. Austin State University, told the Daily Sentinel that she hoped the day-long event would “show kids what it’s like at a farm” and “get them out as a family unit.” She added, jokingly, that her other wish is that the kids could differentiate between “a cow and a goat.”

The children were visibly enamored by their day on the farm. Rachel Self, a precocious nine year old, said she got a “flier at school and said I wanted to come here because I love animals.” Rachel laughed as the animals licked her hand while she fed them with her classmates and other local schoolkids.

Elyce Rodewald, the education coordinator for the college, said she was exceedingly pleased with the day, noting they endeavored to get families “outside together,” so they could find “ways to enjoy nature and learn about agriculture.”