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Couple to auction John Deere toys

Posted by Green Fun Store on 10/20/2010 to Farm Lifestyle
Along with John Deere toys, Lenny Bird and his wife have collected a number of things throughout the years.

According to a report from Iowa's Quad City Times, the pair have also amassed wrenches, dolls and dishes. Additionally, Lenny Bird, 77, has been taking part in trapping animals since he was 6 years old. Recently, the paper noted he was auctioning off some of his equipment.

"Over the years, he began collecting traps as a hobby, but now it's time to downsize," the paper said.

Bird's collection includes a variety of traps, from those large enough to catch a bear to a joke model designed for mosquitoes. He will still keep some of his equipment, which he still uses in an effort to sell pelts to interested buyers.

He sells the animal furs at a sports store in Galesburg, Illinois. The most he ever got in a single sale is $42 for a raccoon piece.

Bird and his wife will also be auctioning off their John Deere toys and other parts of their collection in the next few weeks. The couple isn't alone in this kind of hobby, as many fans of the green-and-gold equipment express their enthusiasm in a variety of ways.