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Boy willing to wait on toy tractor to help fire department

Posted by Green Fun Store on 11/2/2010 to Farm Lifestyle
Nikolas Soldi is willing to wait a little longer to buy a John Deere toy tractor, according to a recent report from Massachusetts' Worcester Telegram & Gazette.

The six-year-old won a costume contest put on by fire company in Cherry Valley by dressing up as a decapitated head on a table. The ghoulish getup netted him a $103 price, which Nikolas would have used toward purchasing a battery-powered ride-on toy tractor.

Instead, the paper reported, he will donate half of the funds to the Leicester Fire Department. He said he hopes the organization can use the money to fix its fire trucks.

"I want to help the firefighters because they are volunteers and they don’t get paid for doing their jobs," Nikolas told the paper.

Sherry Hurley, Nikolas' grandmother, said his decision do donate half the prize was his own. She told the paper she wasn't surprised he did so, even though it will take him longer to buy the toy tractor he's had his eye on.

Smaller fire departments across the country often act as a focal point for their communities by hosting local benefits. They often also run fundraisers to help pay for equipment and repairs.