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New York fire department holds antique tractor show

Posted by Green Fun Store on 9/14/2010
There was a time when older antique tractors did not have a spot anymore, giving way to newer models.

However, collectors have taken notice of old machines produced by companies like John Deere, leading many to have them refurbished. New York paper the Auburn Citizen reported these types of older machines were on hand during the third annual Long Hill Tractor Show.

The event is sponsored by the local fire department, which uses proceeds from concessions to help fund its activities. Ron Stevens, a volunteer firefighter who put the show together, said some people have an interest in brining the old machines back to life.

"It's gotten to be like antique cars," Stevens said.

A number of events were featured during the tractor show, including a race to see which tractor was the slowest. There was also an obstacle course, and winners were given trophies for their efforts.

John Deere also recently held its own celebration in Waterloo, Iowa, honoring the 50-year history of its New Generation tractors. Along with a parade, participants got the chance to tour a tractor facility and show off their machines.