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Iowa elementary students earning John Deere store credits

Posted by Green Fun Store on 10/29/2010 to Current News/Events of John Deere
Students at an elementary school in Des Moines, Iowa, are going to get a chance to pick up goods at a John Deere store thanks to a reading program.

According to a school report in the Des Moines Register, children at the Findley Elementary School have already read 1,000 books in a program sponsored by the farm equipment manufacturer. Through it, the youngsters can earn credits they can use at the John Deere store.

"School-related items like pencils, markers and notebooks may be purchased," the paper said.

The report in the Register said along with individual accolades, the entire student body is working toward an overall goal of reading 12,000 books during this school year. Offering them the John Deere store credits gives the children an extra incentive for trying to complete their goal.

A unit of John Deere recently donated more that $6,000 to the elementary school. The dollars will be used to support the reading program. Some of the funds are also going to be put toward purchasing new equipment.