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Including introducing old John Deere tractors, Indiana's Synesael recalls time at 4-H fair

Posted by Green Fun Store on 7/21/2010
In his 51 years volunteering at Indiana's Tippecanoe County 4-H fair, Jerry Synesael has done a number of things.

One of those, according to television station WLFI, is bringing antique farm equipment to the fair. That includes old John Deere equipment and other old tractors, which were introduced six years ago.

He has also helped in redeveloping a barn used at the fair that plays host to a number of horses. Synesael also helped construct a new home for animals in the form of a second barn on the grounds and supported efforts to move the fair's horse arena.

"We have a nice arena now that as a result of a lot of volunteers helping, and it's just been enjoyable being a part of that," Synesael told the television station.

This year's fair got its start a number of days ago and continues through the week. Some of the attractions boasted by the event include a demolition derby, a number of auctions and exhibits and activities put on by the county's 4-H program.ADNFCR-3425-ID-19902117-ADNFCR