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California county enacts program to replaced used tractors with fuel efficient models

Posted by Green Fun Store on 12/27/2010 to Current News/Events of John Deere
In California, aggressive emissions-cutting laws have been enacted that aim to reduce the state's reliance on dirty energy. Now, a tractor program in Tehama County aims to help farmers who wish to trade in their used tractors for more fuel efficient, newer models as the state moves to cut its greenhouse gas emissions.

Recently, the Tehama County Board of Supervisors approved an agreement that will help farmers upgrade their used tractors. Brentwood Farms in Orland is the sixth such approved farm in the program, qualifying for a grant that will help it to purchase a John Deere Model 5095M diesel engine tractor at a greatly reduced cost.

The $27,640 grant is a boon to the farm as its owner, Robert Bignami, asserts that he was looking into buying a new tractor, but that the price was simply too much for him to afford. Bignami tells the Daily News that the new tractor will replace his 1989 model, a used tractor he jokingly describes as "not too sexy."

According to those in charge of the program, tractors are chosen based on the fuel efficiency they provide and how much they will be used. Currently, the used tractor replacement program is a success with more applications than the county can realistically accept. The county affirms that it will grant up to $35,000 per tractor that is replaced.