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A new axle serves as a wonderful addition to John Deere header equipment

Posted by Green Fun Store on 5/9/2011 to Farm Lifestyle
Classic John Deere is known throughout the world for providing some of the most efficient farming machinery. The major manufacturer is constantly searching for ways to improve their equipment's functionality, creating mergers and partnerships with corresponding companies to suit every change in product demand. Tuthill Drive Systems has recently released a hydraulic drive axle known as the Stalk Hog, which can be applied to the John Deere 600 Series to harvest corn crops.

The Stalk Hog reduces the damage inflicted upon tires by knocking down the tough stalks. This method can cause tires to last longer than they're intended and save farmers a good amount of money on a regular basis. This product installs quickly and easily, promoting a faster decomposition of stalks during the off-season. Other features include a simple design, as well as decreased maintenance requirements.

With the right type of equipment to start with, growers can make additions that will increase productivity. Thanks to cutting-edge technology, farm life can be made easier with the cohesiveness of major manufacturers.