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Wisconsinites building parts for antique tractors

Posted by Green Fun Store on 3/29/2011 to Farm Lifestyle
A family from Wisconsin is building new parts for antique tractors that no longer have parts available for them, according to Auction Central News.

A craft that began as a hobby, Tom Detwiler decided that making parts for antique tractors was something that should become a vital part of his business, Detwiler Tractor Parts. Detwiler began making the parts in 1985 for local buyers, but with the help of his son, the business soon quickly expanded. The company now has a catalog of more than 400 parts that are available both online and through a mail order form. The family specializes in John Deere tractors built prior to 1960.

Detwiler Tractor Parts has taken advantage of the small niche aspect of their market. "We make new parts for old tractors," Detwiler told the news outlet. "These tractors are so old that a lot of the parts have not been available for many years."

For those with old tractors, Detwiler and family have made Ag life possible again by building replacement parts for vehicles that otherwise couldn't function - for the collector that has been searching for that lone missing part, they've made a dream come true.