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Washington museum to host oldest known John Deere tractor

Posted by Green Fun Store on 1/18/2011 to Farm Lifestyle
The Western Heritage Center in Monroe, Washington is set to expand so it has room to display a group of items that were donated by a local resident.

A man from Forks will donate thousands of farm life items he has accumulated over his lifetime, according to the Monroe Herald. Some of the keepsakes he plans to give, including a Model T Ford, will be delivered to the Heritage Center in the coming weeks, but the center's administrator's are most excited for one piece in particular: a John Deere tractor that is believed to be the oldest surviving model in the U.S.

Jerry Senner, the president of the Heritage Center's board, said that the items are "things people have never seen before." The collection of farm life equipment and collectibles is valued at $3 million by some estimates and will be shared with a museum in nearby Aberdeen. In anticipation of the influx of antiques, the Heritage Center hopes to add 20,000 square feet in space.

The Heritage Center received approval to expand from the Snohomish County Council and engineers are working on designs now for the building. When construction is complete, the Heritage Center will be one of "the largest heritage museums in the country," Senner affirmed.