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Urban farms grow in popularity

Posted by Green Fun Store on 11/11/2010 to Farm Lifestyle
A new trend is emerging amongst city dwellers away from the typical city life of a cramped apartment with little room and lots of external noise. More and more, people are leaving behind the hectic city life for a setting that resembles farm life – all the while remaining in the city.

Long viewed as a sprawling urban metropolis, Los Angeles now counts many more farmers amongst its ranks than the city has seen since its orange-grove days. Farms are popping up in unconventional areas - from Silver Lake to Orange County – and more people than ever see the benefit of farm life compared to a frenzied city existence.

David Kahn is one of these farm converts. A former architect who lived in Malibu in a luxury home, Kahn supervised the construction of luxury resorts, like Ritz Carlton hotels, and mostly lived opposite from the way he does now. Kahn tells the Kansas City Star that he feels with his farm in Silver Lake, he is "doing something that is more constructive than destructive." "Everything is a resource," Kahn believes, "even our waste."

Kahn's farm grows fruits and vegetables and he even has chickens running free – something some of the neighbors were uneasy with at first. Kahn recalls that one woman "worried the entire block might catch avian flu." To this day, there have been no outbreaks.