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Tractor tour organizers never miss a chance to add to their John Deere collection

Posted by Green Fun Store on 5/31/2011 to Farm Lifestyle
If there's one major stride Classic John Deere has made in ag life, it's the level of pride that farmers have for their equipment. Since the early 1900s, the major farming manufacturer has gone out of its way to produce the most cutting-edge machinery, making it easier for farmers to tend to their crops.

According to, organizers of the Golden Horseshoe Antique Tractor Tour feel so passionate about their farming equipment that they gather before the annual event to show each other their new additions and swap stories. This tour features 20 various collectors in at least nine different locations on the weekend of June 4th this year.

One of these collectors, Joe Carlton, is particularly proud of his new addition - the 1953 John Deere 40. After spending his childhood watching his grandfather work on this model, he had an itching desire to find another one at some point in his life. Joe claims to have so many tractors in his collection that the barn could easily be mistaken for a John Deere museum.