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Tractor competition draws youngsters at farm life show

Posted by Green Fun Store on 1/20/2011 to Farm Lifestyle
The Pennsylvania Farm Show is in full swing as farmers from across the state are meeting in Harrisburg; it's the kids there, however, who attracted a lot of attention at the tractor pull contest that recently took place.

The contest pits young farm life lovers against one another as they pull weights attached to their toy tractors across a specified distance. "It looks easy, but it's hard," 9-year-old participant Jordan told the Harrisburg Public Opinion; he and his three siblings competed in the event, affirming that the 100 pounds of weights attached to their tractors were difficult to tow.

The Pennsylvania Farm Show is the largest indoor agricultural exhibition in the nation and runs through Saturday. John Stitch, who volunteers at the show every year, said that the tractor pedal push competition has been going on for the past seven years at the show, growing in popularity every year.

The youngsters were divided into six separate groups based on their weights; those who finished first received a model truck or toy tractor for their athleticism. Jordan won a model Ford 9N tractor for his performance, and said that he was unsure whether he would play with it or keep it as a collectible.