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The progression of John Deere lawnmowers

Posted by Green Fun Store on 4/4/2011 to History of John Deere
Serving as the most reliable manufacturer of farm equipment, John Deere segued into the mainstream by offering more products on a consumer level - particularly lawnmowers - during the 1960s. Since then the company became known across the world as the largest producer of construction and lawn care equipment, making everyday farm activities simpler for those who live in rural communities.

The history of John Deere dates all the way back to 1837, when the blacksmith named John Deere developed the first cast-steel plow. This was the first major stepping stone, as the profits of this new invention led to other innovative ideas - such as the manufacturing of cultivators, drills, wagons and buggies, planters and harrows.

During the World War I era, John Deere played a pivotal role in the origins of modern machinery with the development of the Model D two-cylinder tractor. Nearly forty years later, John Deere decided to expand its lawn care and gardening market to typical homeowners. Before then the industry was practically reserved for farmers. By 1991, the company made lawn care more narrowly focused by creating a separate division for mowers.

Since the millennium, John Deere has become a trustworthy, household name - particularly when it merged with Home Depot to sell riding lawnmowers, push mowers and mowers with optional decks (aluminum or steel). Now farmers and average homeowners can easily maintain their properties, with a wide variety of options offered through a single brand name.