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Students make a flashy appearance at the prom with a John Deere tractor

Posted by Green Fun Store on 5/17/2011 to Farm Lifestyle
Classic John Deere is one of the most famous icons when it comes to farm life, especially in rural areas where tractors are simply a part of daily life. For those who are steeped in country traditions, John Deere is more than flawless tractors and accessories.

Some students choose to make their prom experience memorable by showing up in limousines or their fathers' flashy convertibles, but Martina Mellott and Jared Robinson chose to rock the 8285R John Deere tractor instead to prove their devotion to local agriculture. According to Media News Group, these Buchanan High School students received help from a John Deere dealership in Mercersburg, Pennsylvania. They originally wanted to use the tractor that belonged to Martina's family, but the recent rains have prevented her parents from preparing it for such a journey.

The two teenagers were thrilled that a local company was able to make their prom dreams come true. Charities such as this prove that John Deere constantly makes an effort to satisfy customers at all costs.