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Seven decades of farm life shaped one farmer's world

Posted by Green Fun Store on 3/7/2011 to Farm Lifestyle
Farmers are known for their tenacity and good work ethic and Margaret Aldam is no exception. She has worked on the same farm in Yorkshire, England for the past 65 years and has seen farm life change through the past decades, the Yorkshire Post reports.

Aldam has worked at Pasture Farm and recently received an award to commemorate her decades of service. Aldam grew up steeped in farm life and has actually been working on farms, driving used tractors and operating farm equipment her entire life - more than 75 years, in fact.

When she was younger, Aldam worked as a farm hand, helping to harvest potatoes, sugar beets, wheat, hay and barley. "I did harvesting and hay making, every and anything that needed doing," she said in an interview. "I would drive a horse and cart during potato time and the women would fill it with potatoes and then I'd empty it," she fondly recalled.

When she was 17, the first tractor arrived on her farm; while it was a used tractor - times were tough the, she says - she describes it as a "three-wheeler with a hand clutch and I thought it was great." She later married and had children, but her love of farming never left. She continues to work part-time on a farm - and up until recently, was still operating a John Deere tractor.

"I feel I've been very lucky. I can honestly say I have loved every minute of working here on the farm, it's been brilliant and I would do it all again," she affirms.