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Pennsylvania farm life show goes green

Posted by Green Fun Store on 1/3/2011 to Farm Lifestyle
This year's farm life show in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania will host farmers from around the state as they showcase their farm skills and tractors. Visitors, however, will also be greeted by the "greenest" farm show in the event's history as its organizers have adopted many solar and green technologies to reduce electricity costs.

Patrick Kerwin, the executive director of the state's farm show, says that he is an ardent believer in green technology and that recycling and energy savings projects that his team implemented this past year are responsible for big savings in energy costs: According to Pennsylvania's Department of Agriculture, expenses for the farm show were down by $761,000 during 2009.

In fact, the cost savings that the farm show experienced this past fiscal year are the greatest since 2005 to 2006, according to Kerwin. Under Kerwin, the farm show has replaced 8,000 lighting fixtures with energy-efficient bulbs and installed rooftop solar panel systems that both produce electricity and heat water.

In an interview with the Harrisburg Patriot-News, Kerwin said that the green initiatives are good for the environment and business: "These environmentally friendly enhancements are not only good social policy, but also a good business practice. In addition to reducing costs, it benefits the complex from a marketing standpoint. More organizations are seeking environmentally friendly facilities to hold their events."