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New study gives farmers tips to improve tractor efficiency

Posted by Green Fun Store on 2/22/2011 to Current News/Events of John Deere
According to a study out of Iowa State University, farmers who routinely maintain and make small adjustments to their tractors on a daily basis can also improve fuel efficiency and lower energy costs.

Dana Petersen, the program coordinator at ISU Extension with ISU Farm Energy, said the price of oil is forecast to rise this year and farmers can save money by making small changes to their tractors. "Fuel prices are already trending upward this year," she said. "Making time for maintenance now not only will enhance your immediate fuel savings, but also will prepare your tractors for spring field work."

ISU's study, entitled "Tractor Maintenance to Conserve Energy," gives farmers tips on ensuring tractors and other farm equipment are running at their highest level of efficiency. One of the tips, for example, shows farmers how to improve fuel consumption rates through air filter replacements, while another one tells equipment operators the best fuel choices for specific models.

Mark Hanna, an agricultural engineer at the school, affirmed that "research shows that the simple act of replacing a tractor's fuel and air filters results in an immediate 3.5 percent increase in engine power output." The research paper's authors said they hope the study will help farmers to cut their energy use and improve profitability - all while minimizing costs.