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New book series chronicles family's farm life upbringing

Posted by Green Fun Store on 12/6/2010 to Farm Lifestyle
For those interested in farm life, look no further than the "Growing Erbs" series of books. The seven-part collection, a majority of them written by Sheila Erb Caza, is filled with comedy, history and even a cookbook, and is a compendium of tales that depict her family's farm life upbringing.

When she was six years old, Caza's family moved to a farm, a place where John Deere farm equipment and used tractors were everywhere. Caza relished her time on the farm, but affirms that "farming today is nothing like it was 30 years ago." In 2003 after her retirement from law enforcement, Caza called her four siblings and asked them for childhood anecdotes of their farm life shenanigans and set out to develop the series.

Her sister, Theresa Erb Henderson, told her that the term "farm life" conjured up memories of farm games and of a "wide open place to play, salamanders in the basement and Barbies floating in the cow tank." Caza began to work on the books and now the set is a hot seller for children who love reading about the farm activities and farm games the family played.

However, children are not the only voracious readers of the books: a cookbook, entitled "Erbs and Spices Family Cookbook," is a clever play on Caza's maiden name and has adults just as glued to its pages as kids are to the other books. Available on Amazon, the books are a great chronicle of farm life, one that Caza loved writing. From her writing experience, Caza "highly recommends writing a book."