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New John Deere sprayer to be demonstrated at a European farm convention

Posted by Green Fun Store on 5/31/2011 to Current News/Events of John Deere
Classic John Deere is known throughout the world for its groundbreaking equipment and expansive business techniques. In the United Kingdom and Ireland, the manufacturer's influence is growing at such a fast pace that it's becoming a farm life mainstay - like in the United States.

According to, John Deere's new 5430i self-propelled sprayer with 36m boom will be demonstrated in the Sprays and Sprayers arena at the Cereals 2011 convention. The new machinery is already prevalent in the farmlands of the UK and Ireland. Additionally, a European sprayer factor in the Netherlands is producing another advanced model that will enhance boom suspension and application rate control. These new additions will automatically increase the pressure in the spraying system and increase the level of accuracy, providing more coverage for farmers who want to make their plants grow faster.

There is even new software that will be available for farmers to help them understand the mechanics of these new boom systems. These combined efforts will surely increase crop production in Europe and make growing an easier process.